Artist Bio

When I was in college earning my BA in art, my father, a graphic designer, gave me a calligraphy pen. I began to teach myself calligraphy and became enamored with the art of hand lettering. Little did I know where it would lead! Before too long, people were hiring me to do calligraphy for them and after a few years, I had a full time freelance calligraphy business. 

I frequently do calligraphy for invitations, place cards, signage, personal and business stationery. I also enjoy doing lettering for more commercial ventures, such as books, film, restaurants, and the music industry. My greatest pleasure is to create something unique to my clients aesthetic and appropriate for the application.

Working primarily for clients in Los Angeles, I have also done work for companies in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I look forward to many more years in a field I adore.