Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Envelope Play

Just having some fun with a decorative envelope to a friend. It was really nice to do some italic calligraphy which I don't do as often as copperplate.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Calligraphic Books

Last month I did a trunk show with a couple of friends, and in addition to making some jewelry to sell, I made a handful of these 4x4 accordian books. The one above is one of my favorite covers. The only one I still have is the holiday book below with it's fuzzy polka dot cover paper and shiny gold writing inside.

Since copperplate, or some variation of pointed pen seems to be the most requested style, I rarely do italic calligraphy anymore. I really enjoyed doing it for this quote that has the floral cover.

The last thing I made for the show were these mini books about 1x1.5 and attached pin backs to them. These were the only things that didn't sell, but I think they're fun to wear.

And finally, I received a comment from Rena, who does wonderful whimsical illustrations, on my post for the trunk show saying that she would like to buy one of my 4x4 books. She told me her favorite quote and, as a surprise for her, I made this book and sent it to her. The cover here is much more a collage than the books I did for the show. I used papers, rubber stamps and gouache here. What fun to make and give a gift to someone I know appreciates my art!

I have 4 mini pins and the holiday book left. I'm giving them away to the first five people who comment : )